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Need recommendation for best front load washer/dryer combo

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Are there any known issues with the LG. bearings, leaking door seal, circuit boards, pump, smell.

Imho one of the best front load washers on the market is lg. Bearings and pumps are almost consumable items on ALL makes of front loaders.  All pcbs are suseptable to damage. Door seal and odor are completley up to the care of user. Period. Take care of it properly, it will take care of you.

Thanks domain. But what sets the LG apart from the others with respect to reliability, performance or just from a servicing point. Is it easy to work on, take apart and replace bearings etc.. Does LG use good quality parts.

In 2008---numerous improvements were done to LG products (appliances).
These improvements further enhanced---what was already a good design (with few exceptions).


<<<Are there any known issues with the LG. bearings, leaking door seal, circuit boards, pump, smell.>>>


BEARINGS: No issues. Current Tub Bearings (inner & outer) are significantly larger than pre-2008 models.


CIRCUIT BOARDS: Fairly robust---compared to other brands. Can be further protected using *whole house* Line Conditioner / Surge Protector.

DRAIN MOTOR: Lasts about 60 months (five years) for a family of four using the washer 8 loads per week/416 loads per year.

MUSTY ODOR: Virtually none---as long as the ***correct*** amount of the following HE (High Efficiency/Low Suds) detergent is used...

HE: (2) Tablespoons Per Wash (all load sizes)

HE 2X (double concentrated): (1) Tablespoon

HE 3X (triple concentrated): (1) Teaspoon

OTHER ADVANTAGES: Super-Simple Design (teardown/serviceability) / Diagnostics so easy---a "caveman" could do it) / Parts availability is very good and continues to improve year-over-year.

I've serviced WHIRLPOOL / GE / BOSCH / FRIGIDAIRE / SPEED QUEEN / MAYTAG *NEPTUNE* / SAMSUNG / MERLONI (and other odd/rare Euro-design front load washers---too many to count).

Despite what many *Old Skool* Service Techs post/write on this forum and others----the LG brand appliances are utterly and completely heads above the competition for the reasons (among a few) that I've posted above.

Thank's for the article, never knew how good LG front loaders are.
 Two questions
 1) So the expected lifetime is more than 10 years?
 2) If you overload the washer with a lot of cloths, will it damage the machine, or cause drop out with error msg. ?


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