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Need recommendation for best front load washer/dryer combo

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--- Quote from: domain on March 21, 2013, 09:14:48 PM ---LGWM340 is nothing I have ever seen as a model number. Google hasnt either.

--- End quote ---

Remember they are from Canada and can have different model numbers then what we see in the U.S.

<<<What are your thoughts on the steam feature for washers or dryers?
Is it better to have that feature with the washer or dryer?>>>


Steam Model Washers offer very little advantage over an LG washer with a Sanitary Cycle.

Steam Dryer can be worth it (de-wrinkle/reduce static cling)


1) Steam Generator (boils water) at top of tub

2) Internal Tub Heating Element---heats tub water for Sanitary Cycle (no boiling or steam).


1) Internal Tub heating Element (but no Steam Generator)

<<<I went to see the LGWM340 and DLGX3471 (washer-dryer) today.

Both machines have a diagnostics smart icon which you put your phone next to and the machine makes a fax tone when pressed. LG techs hear the sound through your phone receiver. This will determine what parts are required.

Does this feature rely work? Samsung has WIFI connection which seems to make more sense as far as diagnosing the issue.>>>


LGs Smart Diagnostics is an attempt to reduce unnecessary warranty service calls ($$$)

When a customer contacts LG customer service---to request an authorized servicer appointment---the customer may be asked to take their cellphone over to the appliance (at the image/icon of a phone).

The customer service representative will then instruct the customer to initiate the Smart Phone "diagnostics" procedure.

In reality---this is a low-tech feature.

If the washer had displayed an error previously ("LE" for example)---the CSR will be "notified" of this on their computer screen.

In theory---this would give the CSR a "picture" of what might be "wrong" with the appliance---and suggest corrective action to the customer.

I think it's a good concept---helps keep costs down for LG (and other manufacturers using it).

Okay great. Thank you


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