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F51 is an RPS error, but can be caused by several things. First try spinning the basket by hand, make sure it moves freely. If your getting the error immediately upon start up there could be clothing stuck between the tub and basket. Also the rotor could be loose (I have seen this many times on these units). You would need a garbage disposal wrench or allen wrench to tighten. Check these things before tearing it apart or replacing anything.


--- Quote from: schleven on March 18, 2013, 11:47:59 PM ---Isnt that one of those that was being fixed free by whirlpool under a recall?

--- End quote ---


Maybe it wasnt a recall. Seems a while back, a bunch of people were calling whirlpool about this error and whirlpool was sending them a new board. Here is a link to a site with a little info.  I referred a few customers and i know of two that had new boards installed free.

Another persontalks about it here. About halfwaydown the page

FYI, I replace the rotor position senor put everthing back together,gave it one of those pin pom table bump to all us  know what a pin pom table is. off she went running no problem. :D


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