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Worst repair service call

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I can think of five really bad service calls
 1) A vicious dog started chewing on my leg.
 2) Found a drop in range where the counter was built AROUND the range.
 3) Customer insists on doing really risky repairs to save money.
 4) House is really smelly and some dog is snarling and clawing on a door to get at me.
 5) Plumbing or electrical systems are in really bad shape.

Never so far come across number 2 but have had 1,3,4 & 5 a few times, been to quite a few where the Washer, Dryer etc have been blocked in by the units / flooring & impossible to get out without causing serious damage. Went to a call in a big house not too long back where they'd had block flooring laid through the Kitchen and Utility room, there was no way to get the washer / dryer out without ripping the floor up.

Thank's for responding " Specialist" and wellcome to the forum. I transfered from another site where I was senior tech level, but here, I am learning
 a lot, but not really giving a lot.

Dishwasher installed then new ceramic floor laid down but not under d/w .Can remove d/w from cupboards to service .


--- Quote ---I transfered from another site where I was senior tech level
--- End quote ---

go400, PM sent.

Have had to cut bottom of dishwasher frame to remove dishwasher.
Legs had already been removed and floor built up in front of the dishwasher along with granite countertops.


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