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Need part number for KitchenAid KERC507HWH2


Working on a KitchenAid KERC507HWH2 Range and would like to get the part for the inline fuse
Also is it possible to get the service manual for this range

Thanks in advance

Where is this fuse located on the range and what does it look like?
If it's the fuse I'm thinking it's located on the back of the range in the wire harness and looks like it has heat shrink tubing over it?

If that's the fuse I'm having trouble locating it right now too, but I have found the part number before.

I could not find a service manual but have attached a copy of the tech sheet.

Thanks AJ for your quick reply and techsheet
Your correct it in the back of the range in the wire harness with heat shrink tubing over it
If I find the part number I let you no


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