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Maytag Performa, Dep Care, LAT3500E


Maytag Performa, Dep Care, top loader, LAT3500AAE (2000)

Fills and agitages fine, intermittently will not spin. Sometimes when completed agitating, it will spin/drain, then refill for rinse and not spin, spray, or drain. Also, intermittently and generally when it doesn't spin, it goes into the second rinse cycle without being selected, but still doesn't spin/drain.  ???

The only sounds heard when it's in it's failed state is the timer advancing.

I suspect the timer, but can't quite figure out the schematic on the lid switch, can't tell what it's supposed to be doing exactly.  Also, can't figure out if the water level switch must be made up to enter a spin cycle.  Just uneasy about spending the $150 on a timer if I don't need it.

I just now hand cycled it through regular wash cycle; fill fine, agitage fine, spin drain fine, refill fine, rinse agitate fine, spin drain spray FAIL.  Manually moved the selector to any spin cycle, won't spin in any cycle right now.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


  I suspect the timer. If the lid switch was bad, it wouldn't agitate nor would the timer work. The water level pressure switch is bypassed during spin by timer contacts. The only other thing is the speed switch, there are different contacts for agitate/spin. Did you try it in low speed? The fact that it did an extra rinse with the extra rinse switch off is another indicator of a bad timer. If you purchase the timer from appliancepartspros, you can return it if it doesn't fix the problem.


You can also pull the cover off the timer and check for burnt marks on the timer cam, burnt marks would indicate burnt contacts.


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