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--- Quote from: AJ on March 16, 2013, 08:40:59 PM ---Have always tried to welcome everyone. I'm really glad to see you stick around and participate in our forum.
I enjoy learning how things are in different parts of the world, thanks!

--- End quote ---

Not looking at going anywhere else, I enjoy learning from the guys on the Forum & the banter is good. I was away quite a while due to health problems but when I came back it was just drop right back in on things, 1 of the things I like most here is that there's no Bitching at each other & everyone can have an opinion.

This web site is the greatest thing that has taken place in this industry in a long time.
As a tech. I lurk on this site everyday lookin to always pick up new tipss or just see what is going
On out there.   I would like to see it privatize  just to keep harry the home owner from tearing his dishwasher apart then placing the service call ..but guess that would slow parts sales down..
the  info is endless on this site for the service tech...

I am mostly a lurker also. At times I reply if I am sure of what I am talking about. Every single day I log-in and read the reply's to the forum, and AJ has really helped me out a lot. Keep up the good work!

great site-keep it up!!!

Knowledge is power. A handful of knowledge is better than a pot full of gold.


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