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I'm looking for some feedback. Please post your comments about here.



Hi AJ: In all honesty mate, this site rocks. I know the way we do things in the UK is different to the way it's done in the US but since joining the Forum I've always had a good welcome & learnt 1 hell of a lot from you guys. I've been on other sites where because i'm in the UK & not the US I seem to get ignored or not taken seriously, that's never happened here & it's a credit to you guys.


Have always tried to welcome everyone. I'm really glad to see you stick around and participate in our forum.
I enjoy learning how things are in different parts of the world, thanks!

I can't think of a single thing this site needs. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Don't change a thing. ;D

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hey i on here every nite i already recomend this to all my friend man we need this


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