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LG side by side Model # LSC26905TT

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Any one familiar with the LG side by side M# LSC26905TT ? Im hinting towards the main mother board but thought Id get some advice. Freezer completely covered with thick ice. Evap fan motor doesnt activate while compressor is running. I have continuity on my defroster heater connections but defroster heater never activates. This mother board controls literally everything. The defroster timer and relay, evap fan relay, ect...

Part 401A  test it and clean ice off evap motor and test evap fan

tHANKS ! I will give it a shot.

Not getting any voltage to the evap fan motor coming from the board. Just curious, would the freezer compartment  over freeze to a block of ice due to the evap motor failure or could this be 
A temp control sensor issue or circuit board failure ?

I do have continuity to my heater defrost terminals


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