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Help. LG Washer Dryer Combo

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S/N is 012KWXD00490.

Main pcb.


Your awesome  :cheers:

Have someone else chime in but thats my bet. We shall see.

<<<I do ALOT of laundry so it gets used for 1-2 loads daily at a min.>>>


Two loads per day would be approximately 832 loads per year.

But in a combo (which is a washer and a dryer)---that is equal to doing about 1664 loads per year.

For a washer-only model---that's the equivanent of 4 years worth of laundry every single year :)

Let's see what happens in TEST MODE...

Press and hold the SPIN SPEED and SOIL LEVEL buttons

Then press the POWER button and release all 3 buttons

Wait for the door to lock (single click sound)

Press the START/PAUSE button once

Does the tub tumble Clockwise?

Press the START/PAUSE button a 2nd time

Does the tub begin to spin?   (low speed spin)

Press a third time

High speed spin ?

Press 4th time / Cold Water Fill for PreWash

Press 5th time / Cold Water for Main Wash

Press 6th time / Hot Water

7th time / Cold Water for Steam Generator

8th / Bleach Dispenser fill

9th / Tub tumbles Counter Clockwise

10th / Heater turns on for 3 seconds

11th / Circulation Motor runs

12th / Drain Motor runs

Did all of the test functions work?


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