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<<<Usually the reason for this problem is because the bolt loosens up and allows some play in the splines causing the rotor to skip when enough play has worn out the splines.>>>

<<<That's my interpretation.>>>


An *accurate* intrepretation for the old WM0642 washer---which was known for this symptom :)

A factory error---caused by someone forgetting to add threadlocker to the 17mm bolt---for about six months of production---before it was corrected.

I've never witnessed this on a *steel spline* ROTOR.

John I corrected myself on my second post about the hall sensor O0. Although many units have had stripped plastic splines, that is a distinct GRINDING noise not squeal ;)BUT check it for comfort.... O0

Zoom photo image of WM3987 ROTOR.

Note the black-colored steel spline insert...
Zoom image of original ROTOR (in this case---from an older WM2277 washer)
Plastic spline...


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