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Maytag MFI2568AES Not cooling

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French door Maytag Ice2o?  I'd fix it, they cost about $2300.  I've seen a few with pinholes in the high side tubing where it sits in the drain pan.  If you don't do sealed systems, maybe you can refer them to someone who does.

We're out in the stix.  I don't know anybody around here that'd do it for her.


Imho if it is found to be partially blocked, scrap it. If it is low find the leak and save it.

Sounds definetly sealed system related. I ALWAYS ask the age of unit before entering system, as this will void a factory warranty. Be safe, not sorry.

The lady got back to me on this fridge.

She called Maytag and they sent a rep out for a service call.  He diagnosed it same as I did.  Said it'd cost about 1500 to fix it.

She told me they paid (and are still paying) 3k for the fridge.  Didn't last two years.



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