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Does this unit have a variable speed evap motor? It appears to be pulsing as its running. I just replaced the motherboard and the evap fan motor. Its maintaining proper temps, but im unsure about the evap motor. Thanks

This motor is designed to run at two different speeds, but the change in speed should not be fluctuating. Check old board for a burnt or discolored resister below the j2 connector. If so, replace both the motor and the board. I replace a lot of these boards because of this problem. I would say, try another board. Evap motor should not be surging. I normally only replace board unless resister is burnt. If so, replace both.

Thanks for the reply. And there were quite a few discolored resistors on the old board including ones below the J2, as well as relays sticking.  After reading the sticky about this issue, I replaced the motherboard and the fan. When I noticed what I had described, it was an empty, 60* box, and I think I may have just been hearing the the refrigerant flow. I checked it over the last few days and  the temps have stabilized within a few degrees, and the fan sounds steady. I haven't touched a residential refer  on a regular basis, in almost five years.  If you feel that my thinking is flawed on this, please feel free to let me know. Thanks again for the reply.


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