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Hotpoint Refrigerator Not Cooling



Model #HTR16ABSALWW, this is a top mount (freezer on top) refrigerator that stopped cooling properly for the customer. They first noticed the fresh food section getting warm, and then ice began to build up on the back of the freezer section. This is a common symptom of a defrost problem. I removed the rear freezer cover and then turned the defrost timer control (located behind the temperature control) to initiate a defrost cycle. Because of all the ice, I needed to do a little defrosting before I could get to any of the wiring and in doing so, I found the defrost element loose at the end cap creating an open circuit. The elements in these units use a halogen lamp to provide the defrost heat and with age, they can crack, or come loose from their ends allowing water from the defrost cycle to infiltrate the glass tube and refreeze. After a few cycles of this, they eventually open up electrically and stop defrosting. I cleared as much ice as I could, I installed a new defrost heater and tested the unit, and it now defrosts properly.



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