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LG Model DLEX7177RM Parts & Service Manuals


Does anyone have a parts & service manual for a LG Model DLEX7177RM Steam Dryer available as a download or a PDF copy?


What is wrong with it?

Thank you for your reply!  The drum spins, but it thumps badly when running and it has a large crack/hole in it. Currently it takes over two hours to dry one half of a load of blue jeans.  I assume I need to replace the two roller assemblies and the drum.  I need to know what I need to do to access the assembly to replace the parts.  Randy


You may want to call LG - this Dryer Drum may be covered under a factory defect. I had the same Dryer and I called LG and they replaced the Drum, rollers, Belt at No Charge. It's worth a try. These LG Dryers are know for cracks in the drum.

If your serial number starts with a 6 (SIX) it should be covered. Other wise 1 year parts an labor unless they offer a consession. I would recommend replacing all 4 roller assemblies along with the drum then clean your venting.


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