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LG WM2501HWA Washer issue


The tub light in this washer stays on instead of turning off after a short period of time.  Sometimes the controls are locked out, sometimes they work.  Usually we can unplug the unit to do a hard reset, but sometimes that doesn't work unless we leave it unplugged for an extended period of time.  I assume the control board is dying a slow death, but I'm not 100%.  Anybody seen this problem before?  If so, which board needs to be replaced and how hard/easy is it to do?  I just replaced the control board in the matching dryer, so I am capable of doing the job without hiring a technician to do it for me.

Also, can anyone point me to a service manual for this washer?

No question about it, MAIN pcb. Located in the upper left rear of the machine. Replace and be happy. Light should time out after 4 minutes.  :D

Thanks!  Do you know where I can get a service manual?  Searsparts has a schematic diagram that is not bad but a manual would be better.

Service manual sent via PM.

Let us know what you decided to do or if you have any other questions.

LG WM2501HWA Washer Parts


LG sent a technician who verified it was the controller board that went bad.  Because I had issues with this in the past, they had extended my warranty for another 2 years.  He replaced both the main controller board and the one in the front panel (just in case).  LG also renewed the warranty in case one of these boards failed.  The machine has been a pain, but the service was great.  Thanks for all the comments on this site.


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