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Kitchenaid KUDP02CRBS2 parts problem


I'm trying to replace the sump ass'y on this unit. The original part number is 8572617 which is subbed by W10237169. When I picked up the sub number at the distributor I discovered that is simply is not the right part, the motor is smaller and uses a smaller wire connector than the original one does. I brought it back and all the ones they have in stock are the same.
Is there something I am missing here?
The original sump has a pretty big motor with a solenoid or capacitor attached to it. There is also a pretty big hold in the housing for a thermistor (about 1 1/2 ") which the substitute unit does not have in addition to a smaller motor with wrong elec. connectors.
Any ideas? Or is my distributor at fault?

Correct part number, they were having problem around 6 months ago, I would say its a mfg. problem.

They have been putting wrong motors in wrong boxes sometimes, I picked 1 up a local parts warehouse about 5 to 6 months ago , suppose to have small hole, & it was large hole pump assy. Whirlpool is having problems.


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