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Frigidaire, poor washing quiz question

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I am awesome.  :cheers: How do you check spray from each arm? Clear plexi?

I open the door really fast and try to catch the spray arms spinning.  I sometimes get sprayed in the face and there's water to wipe off the floor, but it works.


--- Quote from: domain on March 13, 2013, 05:13:48 PM ---... How do you check spray from each arm? Clear plexi?

--- End quote ---


I need one of those.

I've a got another stumper, if anyone wants to try.  It's about a 10 year old GE dishwasher. Don't know the model number but it's a bottom of the line, mechanical timer, plastic tub, round dispenser cover.  Complaint is it doesn't clean very well. He also said he's been there three months and rinse aid dispenser is still full, the level hasn't changed. What is wrong?

Spring tab is broke off. U can drill a small hole to attach spring or put small screw for spring attachment. O0


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