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Whither the vacuum cleaners?

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Hello good world!  I was wondering why there is not a forum for vacuum cleaners on this site.  I have lurked and benefitted from the discussions here and only just joined.  I am glad to be here.

My name is John.  I have a wife and a son here in Utah - we love each other very much and are enjoying our new family.  I work as a city planner.

In any case, what vacuum do you use?  What do you like or dislike about it?  How much did it cost you?  I recently compiled a little list of inexpensive vacuums when my wife sent me on a mini-odyssey to find one.  She may have kicked me out if I left sawdust after another home improvement project! ;)

We recently purchased a Eureka. My wife loves the thing.

I like my Shop-vac. That thing sucks most anything, wet or dry. O0

Bagless Kenmore here. Works well but filters must be dealt with with each dump.

I use a Rainbow vacuum cleaner.  This machine uses water to catch and hold the dirt till I empty it out.  Pretty cool set up. No dusty dirt bags to contend with.  Got it used in Craigslist.  Normally costs over $1200 brand new.


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