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WPM210-VY Brown Range


This thing is giving me fits. The oven wouldn't light, and I found the pilot assembly (the piece that deflects flame to the mercury bulb) to have melted. I replaced the pilot with part number 1802E068 per Brown's factory parts kat. In the process of replacing the pilot, I damaged the bulb on the gas valve. I ordered a new gas valve (not charging customer for this part), installed it, only to find the most tiny flame on the pilot possible. When I turn on the oven, the flame doesn't increase enough to hit the deflector and heat up the mercury bulb.

The unit runs on propane, and I'm wondering if there is a specific pilot assembly for LP or if the regular pilot is interchangeable? Have you ever had these issues? The customer says they have always had problems with the pilot.

Luckily this is a backup range for use when the power goes out, but I'm really looking like an amateur at this point.

Pull temp knob and look on the thermostat body. there should be a screw that you can turn. It should have a pointer and one way says LP and the other says NAT.

Thanks, Bailey...

So, a pilot for LP is interchangeable with NAT? Whats strange is before replacing the original pilot I had a decent sized flame when I turned the oven on, its just that there was no flame deflector to heat up the bulb.

The thermostats only job is to change the size of the pilot flame. Because LP is under more pressure, the adjustment screw reduces the size of the pilot just like the burner orifices have to be reduced. Make sure the aluminum tube that goes down to the pilot is not kinked or plugged up. There is not much going on down at the pilot as far as the pieces are concerned. They just fit together only one way. The parts stay the same no matter which gas is used because the adjustment is in the thermostat. After you have eliminated problems with the pilot parts consider the thermostat to be the problem. Are the top burners working correctly?


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