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cda 494 whirlpool integrated dishwasher



Hi Hope someone can help me .I am trying to fis my cda 494 dishwasher made by whirlpool.
The machine has developed a leak in to the tray and is tripping the micro flood switch.
I have spotted that the water drips from the salt box.
I have managed to get the machine out and the side off and it seems to be leeking from one of the 3 rubber o rings that join the fill box to the salt box.
Question is does anyone know how to get at the 3 O rings,ie how do you remove the fill box to get at the o rings?
Idiots guide would be good
Any help would be appreciated as I cant afford the repair man,
Thanks Mark


This an American forum your dishwasher is a European made appliance,most likely made in Italy.
You should be asking this question on the UK whitegoods forum.



At this time most of our members are from the United States & Canada, but we welcome everyone.

Being located in the U.S. myself I don't have access to any information on your model dishwasher.
Maybe another member will come along that will be able to help or as washman said check out the UK whitegoods forum.

If you do find a solution someplace else please do us a favor and update the topic you started here with the solution as it's sure to help someone else down the road with the same problem.

Thanks for posting!


Thank you to both posters for your help.


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