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Author Topic: LG WM2487 error code FE  (Read 2418 times)

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LG WM2487 error code FE
« on: March 10, 2013, 07:47:43 PM »

The washer stops during the rinse cyle and gives an error code ( FE ). It has overflowed a couple of times. The water inlet valve seems to be working correctly. I have not found water standing in the wash tub when it not in use. The only time there seems to be an issue is when it reaches the rinse cycle. I read in an earlier post about a tube that may have sand or some type of obstruction, but im not sure where to locate the tube. any help or other possible causes for the error would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Re: LG WM2487 error code FE
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2013, 08:34:59 PM »
First 3 of serial number? Does not hurt to check your pressure chamber, hose, and oscillator BUT IMHO if the unit knows the machine is over filling, it's in working order. Pop tha top on that thing and check the solenoids if they are seeping water. Water valves are the likely culprit.  :D

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Re: LG WM2487 error code FE
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2013, 10:09:55 PM »
Yes---could be a faulty Cold Water Valve (intermittently does not shut off during Rinse Fill).

<<<The washer stops during the rinse cyle and gives an error code ( FE ).>>>

 <<<It has overflowed a couple of times.>>>


The washer overflowed several times---during *rinse*---or whenever the washer was being used?

The Air Tube is located at the top of the washer.

Remove the top cover (2 rear phillips screws/slide top cover rearward about an inch/lift off).

At the left/rear---you'll see a white plastic housing---near it will be the Water Level Sensor with a black tube on it.

Pull off the black tube and blow through it to verify that it is not partially blocked (may need a ladder or get behind the washer).

Run test---if the error does not return---you'll still need to "babysit" the washer for the next half dozen loads to confirm that all is well.

If the water is drawn from a well---most likely a failing COLD WATER VALVE ASSY.

Press and hold the SPIN SPEED & SOIL level buttons

Now press the POWER button---and release all three buttons

Wait for the door to lock (single click sound)

Press the START/PAUSE button 4 times at one second intervals

The Cold Fill for PreWash will be enabled.

Turn off the washer and immediately remove the Dispenser Drawer

Using a flashlight---verify that the water has completely stopped entering the Dispenser Housing (not even a trickle of water).

Repeat the TEST MODE ( Soil Level/Spin Speed buttons and Power Button)

Wait for door to lock

Press the START/PAUSE button 5 times

Cold Water Fill for Main Wash will be activated.

Turn off the washer and immediately remove the Detergent Dispenser---again verify that the water valve turned completely off.

Repeat the TEST MODE sequence

Press the START/PAUSE button 6 times (Hot Water Fill)

Turn off washer and check.


Press the START/PAUSE button 7 times/turn off washer and check again.


Press button 8 times/turn off washer and check.

In doing this---all of the water valves can be tested for correct function

If no fault was found---I'd repeat the entire sequence above and re-verify that all of the water valves are indeed good :)
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