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KIRD861HSS-1 I think that the gear motor on this downdraft vent is bad. But Im not sure. You guys have any suggestions

Do you get 120v at blue and white when the button is pushed?

I didn't check that but I think the blue and white were disconnected. And then when I connected them still nothing.

It's always the most elegant and simple solution. I went and scoped it out real good. Turns out the grease filter wasn't making a good contact with one of the switches and both switches had to be closed for the push button to work. So I shined up one of the switch housings with a piece of card board and its working just fine. I'm still thinking about what to charge him. Plus I have to lingo it up so It sounds like I did something technical. Not just wedge cardboard under the switch housing so it wouldn't move.

Sounds to me like you "recalibrated the limit switch"


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