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Maytag Atlantis MDG7400AWW - timer


Greetings... Have a Maytag Atlantis Dryer (MDG7400AWW)...  The timer knob work for power on and off.  The timer does not move, you must turn off the dryer.  I worked the system in air fluff, waited 20 minutes and the timer did not move.  New to this (self repair) and looking for a service manual for the machine...  Thanks...

If the timer does not advance on the timed cycles then I would replace the timer.

Maytag Dryer MDG7400AWW Parts Diagrams

The service manual can be found here...

16023110 Maytag Sloped Front Dryer Service Repair Manual

but being you started a new topic in our forum and shared with us what was wrong with your dryer I will send you a free copy via PM.

Hope that helps.

Let us know what you find or if you have any more questions.

Thanks for posting.  O0

Although this topic is old, the problem is new to me, so thanks for any help and advice.

Our dryer timer will work if you "jiggle" the large knob around until you hear it activate the dryer.

Is it possible to take a look at the timer and maybe clean the contacts?

Also, is there a manual here to show how to get at the timer in case replacement is needed.

Thanks for this great site!

Hi, I have never had any lucky trying to clean the contacts.

See if this manual helps.

Thanks for the manual link. I went ahead and ordered a new timer. It seems the newer version is different in the method for removing the timer knob. Any thoughts on how it is removed?


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