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Fenix MC11 Multi-functional Angle Flashlight

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The Fenix MC11 is a flashlight I have been wanting to try out for some time now. Early this week I decide to pull the trigger and order one.

This afternoon it showed up and even though I seen all the photos of it online and watched all the youtube video's it was still surprising just how small it was once I got it in my hands.

Here is a nice video (not my video) on the MC11 that shows you the functionality of the flashlight.

In the short time I have had this flashlight I can see how it would be handy for a lot of things beside just a work light. I may have to pick up another one for the tackle box too.

Here is the Fenix website page on the MC11.

For years I have always kept a 2x AA Maglite in my toolbox and the Maglites have greatly improved over the years with LED technology, but I think I may have found a replacement for it with the Fenix MC11.

Being able to stand the Fenix MC11 on end and angle the head so the light points in the direct you want will be a nice feature that is just not a option with the Maglite.

Do you have a favorite "toolbox" flashlight?

Very bright little light too. Has low/med/high setting and the high output is to bright for close up work.

Hey AJ: Looks like a nice flashlight, but gotta be honest from where i'm sitting way too expensive.
Think i'll stick to my Maglite & LED headtorch.

I only paid $40 for it. The last few 2x AA Maglite LED I picked up cost me right around $30 so I did not think it was to bad of a price.

Of coarse like just about anything there are knock offs and cheaper options, but I don't like cheap tools.

Another one I had looking at getting, but decide it was just to big was the Streamlight Knucklehead.

Hi AJ: Totally agree with you on quality tools, cheap just aint worth the hassle. Had a look at the MC11 earlier, over here by the time I paid VAT & carriage your looking at paying the equivalent of about $78 US for 1. From 1 of the suppliers I can get 2AA Mags for the equivalent of $19.50 & a good re-chargeable LED Head torch for about the same. Our prices seem to be a lot higher than yours for a lot of stuff.


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