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KitchenAid Spart Module Will Not stop Sparking

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Hello I have Spark Module issue 2 Burner KitchenAid Cook top
in a “Motorhome  KA  Model # KGCR025BBL3  Spark Module
Whirlpool #  4454427 The issue is It just keeps sparking
the cooktop lights fine But the Spark module NEVER quits
sparking. After  trying a few things I called a appliance
repair and he found out the Spark Module was no longer
available paid for service Call, Now can not find the right
part # anywhere. There must be someone that can repair
the spark Module or another Universal Item that my work
The motorhome was stored for a few months and the
cook top worked fine the motorhome was plugged into
power I checked things out one day and I could here the
module sparking. If any one has any ideas that would be great.

Thank You For your Help

The Replacement Spark Module Number ia A Whirlpool
number 4454427 No Longer available what else will work.
Did not say it was a Whirlpool spark Module. O0

check the Wall Outlet polarity and ground
Spark Module needs correct Line, Neutral, and Ground polarities


--- Quote ---Spark Module needs correct Line, Neutral, and Ground polarities
--- End quote ---

That's my thought, too.  If this is auto-reignition, the polarity has to be right.  Check for voltage between neutral (left side of plug), and ground.  If you have voltage, your polarity is reversed.

If you do need a spark module, there is probably a work-around.  It might be hard to find a two burner module but you could use a four burner module and ground the two extra terminals.  There are also some single burner modules. If needed, I'll try to find some part numbers.

We will be checking out your ideas.Any part numbers
of another Spark module would be great just in case
thats not the proublem.

Thank You for your Help.

Gary   O0


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