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Oven spark electrode won't stop clicking

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I'm servicing a Roper model #FGP215KQ0. The oven spark igniter won't turn off after the pilot flame is ignited and the burner flames are on. This also keeps the range burner igniters to continuously spark. The range burner igniters operate normally and do not affect the oven electrode when the burner switches are turned on. I've replaced the spark module and oven burner switch but this did nothing to correct the problem. I cleaned the rust off the spark igniter and metal parts and still no luck. This oven is an older model with no electronic circuit boards. Could the oven electrode (spark igniter) be faulty?

Must be a bad oven spark switch. Unplug the spark switch to the oven control and see if that stops it before ordering another if you wish. Part #36:

Uses a flame rectifier system so the oven switch is out of the picture. Make sure the flame flows between the pilot and the igniter on the burner. That is what tells the spark module to stop. Double check your wires on the module and make sure they are correct.

Has this Range been working OK up till now ?
Check the polarity and ground on the House Wall Outlet.
Any recent House electrical work been done  ?
Check and clean the grounding screw connection of the Spark Module.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check the pilot flame and wiring again and let you guys know .


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