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I need a service manual for this $5000 beauty. Has a F7E2 open boiler NTC error. I ordered the boiler and need to see what I'm up against when I come back.

Who's the brainiac that thought up putting a water line to an electric oven?? Ugh....

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I took a look and could not find a service manual. Maybe another tech will be able to locate one for us.

So it would bake fine, but come up with the F7E2 when trying to broil?

On second thought I'm going to guess you get the error right away even when trying to bake with it because it would use the broil element for the pre heat cycle.   :popcorn:

No, not broil... BOIL. It has a steamer... Why? I have no idea. If it has a code, it will not function at all.

Try KEHU309SSS06.  There are 7 different ones starting at 00 to 06.


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Oh, lol...

I originally search for just KEHU309 and found no service manuals, sorry.


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