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GE Profile Refrigerator - Model #PFE29PSDSS - OPINIONS NEEDED!!!

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I'm looking at purchasing the GE Profile Refrigerator (Model #PFE29PSDSS) because all of my other appliances in our house are GE Profile, so we'd like to keep that same stainless steel look. This particular refrigerator is the one that has a Autofill feature and touchscreen on the front where you can upload pictures.

Before purchasing it, I read some reviews on and that this refrigerator makes a lot of noise. Have any of you experienced this same problem? Are there any other issues with this model that you know about?

Any feedback would be great!


Your looking for trouble.My opinion.Money to buy and a lot of money to fix.

Try and find you a Frigidaire ice box like this:

$ 1205 w/ free shipping
(or other models)
click on picture

I personally do NOT care for GE appliances what so ever. I agree with a Frigidaire SxS model. They are pretty reliable.... :D


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