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Hi guys, I went on a call today for the above model with the complaint of icing up in the freezer section. They defrosted it for me before I got there so I could get  the inside cover off. The main problem I have is locating parts info for this unit, many times I can get an exploded view of the appliance I want but not so with Viking.
Who or where can I find this info from? They also had a Viking outdoor gas grille which I need part numbers for.
Thanks in advance

I have had to call milestone distributors in dallas for parts. The parts dept is very helpful.

(214) 217-2880 ask for parts dept

Thanks, I,m in Houston so  that is pretty good


--- Quote from: boss96 on March 05, 2013, 11:19:03 PM ---Thanks, I,m in Houston so  that is pretty good

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Me too!


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