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Toolbag or toolbox?

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Over the years I have used both. For the last few years I have been using a medium size plastic toolbox.

One thing I like about a toolbox over a toolbag is you can close it up to keep little helpers out of it.

Back when I worked for the man it was also nice that I could lock up my toolbox at the end of the day instead of leaving my tools out in the open in a toolbag. I could almost count on tools missing out of my bag if the boss or another tech got to work 5 minutes before me and then I would not notice the missing tool unit I was out on the road doing calls.

I also find it easier to sit on a toolbox then a bag full of tools.  :P

So are you a toolbox or toolbag kind of guy?

A while back I got one of them bags that fit in a five gallon bucket. Trouble is it is so dang heavy you cannot carry it.

I tried the tool bucket thing also. To bulky and like you say it can get heavy. The older I get the less crap I like to carry around.

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Platt tool case, 3 in 34 years.

Mine is a cross.  It is open like a bag, but it has stiff sides like the box.  I trimmed one of those bucket pocket thingys and sewed it into the inside edge.  Everything stands up in little pockets, there is a bit of center room for stuff, and there are pockets outside that house my cordless, lubes, glues and most common tools.

I cost me about $20 all together, and works great.

It does get a bit heavy though.


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