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GearWrench 85035 35 Pc MicroDriver Set

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This GearWrench is a tool that I have found to be very versatile and well made. I have been using the one shown in the photos below on just about a daily bases for at least ten years or longer now. One end of the wrench is 1/4" and the other is 5/16", two of the most popular sizes I find myself using in the appliance repair field.

As I was cleaning out my toolbox this weekend I thought about how handy it has been over the years and how it would be nice to have a second one to keep in my other vehicle.

As you may have notice in the photo above the bits and sockets in the set don't look like they have ever been used.
Well to tell you the truth they have not.

I use the GearWrench that come in the kit along with my own set of bits.
Like with my favorite 1/4" and 5/16" magnet bit drivers.

One thing I do use out of the kit besides the wrench is the 1/4" socket adaptor along with my deep well sockets.

I also use it with a number of screwdriver bits. The wrench has a small metal ring inside it that holds the bits firmly in place.

I could no longer find it on the site so I'm not sure if it has been discontinued now or what.

I was able to find it on Amazon yet so I ordered one to keep as a spare in my other vehicle.
GearWrench 85035 35 Pc MicroDriver Set

You can see some additional photos of it in our gallery.;cat=35

Any other GearWrench fans out there?

This tool is INVALUABLE to me. I would pay much more than they ask for the work it allows me to do. I also use the gearwrench hvac quad SQUARE drive wrench. Amazing. :D

I wonder how their ratcheting screwdrivers compare to the snap-on ones?

I have a stubby snap-on ratcheting screwdriver that I use all the time and love it.

The GearWrench version of the stubby ratcheting screwdriver looks like it would be just a little longer handle instead of so round like my snap-on one.

I know the snap-on one really holds up well. In twenty five years I can think of twice that I exchanged it for a new one under warranty and it does get used every work day on every call.

I have just purchase two of the GearWrench 85035 from amazon, they look like they will come in very handy, should arrive here in Melbourne Australia in about 10 days
Thanks for the great web site  O0 :thanks:

Cool, be sure to let us know what you think of them.


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