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Whirlpool dryer, WED8300SW1 thermal fuse

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Did you remove the filter chute? I have had guys buy fuses and come back only to buy more. Problem was the filter chute was clogged like this:

Yes, I did.

Ok then you have a bad control thermistor IF the heater is not shorted to chassis. Probably fatigued to the point of overshooting desired cotton temp of 160 maximum. I predict that instead of the control stat working the 250 limit on the heater is cycling. This causes excessive heat and wrinkled to hell and back hot clothes. Seen it.

I don't think so as I replaced all the sensors at once on the second trip. This is a 3rd party warranty so I replaced all the sensors.

The only other thang is the Main control then. As the clothes tumble around the control monitors the thermistor and the dryness sensor bars. It is the job of the thermistor to relay back any changes in resistance to the control and that is how it knows to power up the heater. Did ya try yanking out the connections to the brain and cleaning the corrosion of the contacts?


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