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Whirlpool dryer, WED8300SW1 thermal fuse

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JW, you don't think it's simply a faulty heating element as Harold suggested?

I would check the element for shorts first thing. The last thing I always do when I put any appliance back  together is check for continuity between either hot leg on the power cord to frame.

What did you end up finding wrong?  :popcorn:

Sorry it took so long, this is a 3rd party warranty and they take awhile to send parts (they won't let us supply them ourselves).
I went back out with the new thermal fuse and a heating element. Don't forget I had previously replaced the thermostat and various thermistors/sensors already.
The unit ran for just under 10 minutes and blew the fuse again. Since this the the third try the warranty company will be doing a buyout.
I wish I had been able to get to the bottom of this problem but since it is not cost effective for us anymore...
I still wonder if perhaps we installed a bad thermostat or something...

did you test to see if the Heating Element was partially shorted to the chassis / ground ?


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