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Whirlpool dryer, WED8300SW1 thermal fuse

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Hi guys, need some input on this one. Went out on a service call for this where the drum is not turning. Thermal fuse was open, replaced it, cleaned out the lint both inside and also the vent. Within 10 minutes it failed again with the complaint that it gets hot to the touch.
Went back and also replaced the thermostat and all the other sensors. At that point it seemed to be running much cooler when I would touch the ex. vent tube. Left the house and next day get the same complaint.
At this point I am thinking of the heating element perhaps shorting to the shield or the motor drawing too much current.
What do you guys think?



Thanks for the reply.
For curiosity, what is happening, is the element broken and contacting the shield causing a smaller portion of the element to heat up and get too hot?

That's what it sounds like. Remove the wires and check with an ohm meter from each terminal to the housing for continuity.


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