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Ge dishwasher md # gld4500n10ww


Ge dishwasher md # gld4500n10ww. Unit fails in mid cycle or beginning of cycle. I am just wondering if any of you guys are seeing a recurring failure with this particular board.

I know that this board is faulty. My question is, are you guys seeing a lot of this particular board failing. I've encountered three in the last week. :thanks:

Changed 2 in the last year, not any more than the rest of the junk out there.

Changed two of these board since yesterday. Another high dollar stock part. At least you get the user interface along with the main board with this kit. Symptom of the problem is all lights flashing. Dianostic mode reveals all major components are working. Pretty much leaves the board as the problem. This is the "quiet power 3" ge dishwasher. Hope is helps as future reference.


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