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Dead - as in No LEDs Whirlpool Duet Electric Dryer


Problem: Dryer acts as if there is no power at all - no LEDs light up on the control panel so I cannot run any diagnostics.

Actions Taken: Here is what I have done so far:

* I tested the thermal fuse on the lint duct for connectivity, and it was good
* Tested power coming in, and I have a solid 240 volts off the power cord
* Pulled off the control panel and re-seated the ribbon cables on both ends and made sure they were tight - they were/are good.
* As an old hand with electronics I gave the circuit boards 'the smell test' - nothing smells fried, visually no shorted capacitors.Still completely dead.  :-\ I am not sure what else would cause the 'completely dead' symptoms - reading other posts here it seems like all the other failures (thermister, thermal cut off, etc. ) would just throw an error code, right? So the popular next step is to start replacing really expensive parts until it lights up again: control panel ($170) or interface panel ($230).  It's one thing to pop $20 - $30 for a fuse or a coupler to see if that is it, but I am not prepared to gamble like that with upwards of $400 in parts on an older appliance.

Any suggestions?


Make sure you have 120 volts from each hot leg to neutral at back of dryer.

Check the belt switch.

Model number?


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