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I just had an Interview with Sears, if I get hired I'll be driving an A&E van.
Is working for A&E as bad as working for Sears?
If I get the Job should I not take it, since I'm on Unemployment Benifits and have some possibilties for other Employment, working with Electronics. In a winery,other appliance company,production work.
In two weeks I'll have a basic Electronics certificate.

Long hours, horrible routes, low pay, ridiculous expectations from management, unattainable sales goals, angry customers, confusing work schedules, i could go on.

Dont do it unless you are desperate for money.

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Take the job, you will get to work on a lot of different brands in a short time and if you dont like it ??? You will have experience for your next job, if you like working on appliances . The industry is great ,its just some companys are better to work for than others.

Neither, your young, electrician sounds good for you, you will be happier.

Hi Yodog,

I took the liberty of looking into your profile, 'cause I thought we'd hit on an option for a security company for you as well.  I was right.

You are just starting out, and so, $ears/AandE would not hurt you.  In three months, you'll have the experience that I've gained in two years just starting out on my own. 

I still think locksmith with electronics is a to notch idea, but if you go appliance, and live in wine country, you MUST look into the equipment that they use for wine (and beer).  It is very similar to the stuff we get in appliances.  Fermenters, Chillers, Filters, Pumps, etc.  You could get some bucks if you could work on those items.

You can take the job w/ $ears.  Get all the training you can, and copy all the manuals you can get a hold of.  If you don't like it, you can bail.  they will have no more loyalty to you than can be justified by their profits.  Unfortunately that is the way it works these days.

The down side to taking a job is that if you stay for less than two years, you may not have learned everything they might teach you, and your next employer may not like the short stay.  On the other hand, if you go out on your own, you can't get hired after that either.

That is why I am not working for $ears in the Napa Valley.    ::)


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