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I live in an area where water hardness is an issue especially in dishwashing i.e. hard water filming .In Canada and I believe in the USA detergent manufacturers have removed phosphates from dishwasher detergent .This has resulted in many calls of "white film " on dishes .Customers think their D/W are at fault but its actually hard water coupled with changes in the way dish soap works .For years I used a maytag water hardness test kit but today used the last of it .The kit is NLA.What do  my fellow techs use to check water hardness and where did you buy it .

I have used these water hardness test strips for years.

Hold the end of the strip under the water. Match the color of the test strip to the colors on the side of the bottle.

Try this.

The Hach Company in Loveland, CO makes test strips for a number of water quality parameters in addition to hardness (CA++ and MG++).

Find something that works for you?


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