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If I hold in the start switch with my finger the dryer will run and heat and when I take my finger off the start switch the dryer will stop. And if I push it back in the dryer will run as long as I have my finger on the start switch. I installed a new start switch but it does the same thing. If somebody can help me thank you

Sounds like the motor is bad and needs to be replaced.
What is the model number of the dryer?

Model 110 - 66912690 Thanks for your help larry

That model dryer uses motor part # 279787

Most likely the switch on the motor is at fault. You could check the switch to see if it's just stuck from lint build up, but most likely the motor needs to be replaced.

You can not get just the switch on the motor as they only come with new motors.

Here is a video that you may find helpful too.
Dryer Motor Help Video

That dryer also has a broken belt switch that is wired into the motor so if the belt is broken the dryer motor will come on start windings only.


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