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GE Hydro Wave Washer -Mode Shifter Ghetto Repair

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I opened up the solenoid on the mode shifter WH38X10017.  There is a thermal cut-off wired on to it.  I bi-passed it and put it back together and everything works fine.  Is this a bad idea?

WHOA! Pics? :D

Cool. Ain't no bad idea long as you put a bullet fuse in there or the equivalent. I would love to see that too. How did you get into it?
The older washers would work fine UNLESS a person added a garment after that solenoid was initiated. Instead of being activated for seconds it stayed on for minutes thus it would blow the solenoid. This is the first I have heard of a limit within the circuitry.


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I need to see this too. I'm tempted to tear apart the one in my truck...

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  The coil cover is riveted on so you just have to drill them out, remove the internal fuse and solder the wires directly. Use heat shrink to insulate. You should install an external fuse holder with 2 amp fuse. Use screws and nuts to reinstall the coil cover. There was a web page with pic's that someone did but I can't find it now.



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