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SoleusAIR flat panel Micathermic heater with shocktronic controls

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Durring our ice storm last weekend I seen a guy come into the bar with shorts on, lol...
A little to cold for me yet, but looking forward to Spring.

Once I get the heater up and going I am gonna do an amp draw check and see how many amps this puppy is pulling then gonna measure the wire guage and see if indeed the wiring is proper for this sort of heater.Oh yeah Babe gonna do a complete autopsy on this bad boy. :2funny: :rofl: O0

Nice heater. Works great. Only draws 2 amps and no fan. Air is drawn through the panels and forced out the top naturally. Pretty dang cool. Pardon the misnomer. Check it out;

Update: I read the amp draw wrong. The heater is pulling a steady 12 amps instead of 2 amps. My old amprobe must be out of kilter or either I am :D Video coming.

Part 2:


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