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SoleusAIR flat panel Micathermic heater with shocktronic controls

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My friend Dan brown from over at the food bank brought me a fancy heater to look at. When plugged in and power button is pressed all I get is a rather nasty beep and nothing else. Found the user manual easy enough and checked the various suggestions. This heater has a control panel detached from the main board. Must have a fried relay on the main board. I looked for burnt wires and they don't look real bad but do look tired. Rubber coated terminal ends are kinda dark. Has anybody messed with one of these heaters. I read where the round micathermic heater was recalled (39000 of them) and QVC won some kind of court case against the company. Does anybody know about these heaters? Photos below:

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Update: I got in touch with the company. They do not offer parts and do not repair these heaters. They will replace the heater if it is less than a year old. No parts are available at all. From the looks of it their must be a shorted relay on the main board. No noticably burnt wires. If my friend up at the food bank donates it to me I am gonna try and bypass the crappytronics and use it to heat the shop.  :rofl:

Heat the shop? Did not know they even used heaters in that part of the country, lol...

Yesterday and today is kinda cold outside. By the end of the week it will be in the 80's again. LOL I betta fix it purty quick or I ain't gonna be able to use it. Got a call from Dan and now I iz da proud owner of this Chinese POS.The base has 2 quick connection blocks on it. That means all I gotta do to run it is reposition the power cord and move the connections over to the other block next to it. Some Air condtioner window units have these same type of connections and I am guessing they use these to check circuits. The thing that scares me is these heaters have been recalled because of improper or too small wiring. I have some stove wire and I am gonna try and rewire this thing and put in a potentiometer type heater control off of an old broken heater I have in the shop.


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