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Problem with display

Probably bad control,  diagnostic test says "good", no error codes.....but

The test is squirrely,  steps thru ok, after good (6th step I think) I sometimes get a 123 no F codes tho

Anyways, the stove top burners work ok, the display clock works, etc. The problem occurs when trying to bake. Starts ok, goes thru preheat, shows temp, but after 10-20 minutes baking the display blanks out, bake quits. Cancel does not restore display, can get it into test (cancel, cancel, start) but the display flickers, still steps thru to "good" no codes. Interrupt power briefly, display clock comes back but still flickery. Leave power off for a while, back to normal. looks like defective components on the main board that overheat etc.

Any ideas before condemning board?.... any actual repair manuals available with troubleshooting tree

Sounds like a cold solder joint.  Try re-soldering connections on the board or send it in for a rebuild.

Re-solder huh.... hmmm, sounds pretty dicey with modern boards, but I see your point. Are there reputable shops refurbishing appliance boards? Have any links?

I use and

thx for the links


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