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Kenmore dryer heater turns on unless unplugged

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--- Quote from: jumptrout51 on February 24, 2013, 08:52:53 AM ---You have the best dryer made.
Repair it.

--- End quote ---

Hairy little beast ain't it? Decided to fix it so I'll be replacing motor and heating element/thermostat assembly. Got everything apart, thanks again AJ for the video link.

After seeing your photo I would also replace the belt idler with part # 691366

The idler you have in there now is IMHO a poor design. The one with the wheel I listed the part number to is the standard idler they used for years in your type of dryer.

If you have never replace the belt or wheels you may want to consider just installing the maintenance kit, part # 4392065

Thanks to everyone, my dryer is up and running again. I replaced the motor, heating element, and the rollers and belt. You guys are great!

That's great, good job!
Thanks for the update.  O0


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