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Do you play your state lottery?

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I play every once in a great while. I think the most i ever won was $80.

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--- Quote from: theoldstoveguy on February 23, 2013, 09:12:51 AM ---Wife's brother's now ex-wife. She won and left. Money does funny things.

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That's to bad.

I always thought it would be interesting to buy a $1 scratch ticket once a day for a year and keep track of the outcome.
The worst that could happen is you loose $365 dollars, well I guess the worst is you end up with a gambling problem...

What do you think the outcome of such a project would be?

I recall seeing a show on tv years ago about these guys that had a system figured out for some lotto.
They did all the math and figured out all the odds. They even got investors.

The big day come around and they had teams of people going out to purchase mass amounts of lotto tickets like a hour before the deadline. They waited until a hour or so before the drawing because they figured current ticket sales and the current jackpot into their winning formula.

One thing they never accounted for was the ticket machines running out of paper. They were not able to purchase all the tickets they had planned on. From what I recall they did winning back a good percent of their money, but when it was all said and done they lost and said they would never attempt anything like that again.

I don't remember the name of the show or if it was even a lotto in the U.S. or another country, but it was interesting to watch.

I see lotto junkies all the time.  Cash their paychecks & buy up to $100 in tickets.  Then find a corner to scratch them all & are all tickled to win $5.   Me I don't gamble money stays in my pocket to pay bills.    Was told can't win if you don't play.   I replied can't lose if I don't play.    When I was young & in the oil fields, got into a poker game, lost my paycheck in short time, never gamed again.

When I lived in Florida I used to play the lotto weekly. Unfortunately for me I never won a dime in the state lotto program, whereas my boss at the time won about $5,000 + a year....but I did win money on scratch offs.  Now that I am in North Carolina I haven't played period. Can't lose what ya don't give away... lol!

I played Fla lotto and went to Biloxi, never won much if anythang.


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