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Do you play your state lottery?

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I don't play often and win even less, lol...

Use to play the powerball every now and then, but have yet to purchase a ticket after they increased them to $2.00

Always found $1 scratch tickets kind of interesting/fun but never buy more then one or two at a time and probably only a couple times a month.

Always think If I play more maybe I would win more. I never win anything from the pop and candy bar I buy just about daily. Maybe I should try my luck with daily lottery tickets instead of a daily candy bar, lol...

Do you play the lottery? If so what state, how often? What's your biggest winner?

Same here aj, but should because local gas station just sold a 29 million power ball ticket. Crazy  :tickedoff: , oh well, mabe I need to start playing. Won  fifty dollar scratch off ticket once.

One of my customers who was down and out with the bank ready to forclose on his house won what we call lotto 649 in Canada ....17 million tax free in one lump payment .It really changed him for the worse .He went from a regular workin guy to a big PR real fast .I guess he forgot where he came from .Too bad really .

Play regular 2 times a week. one of my Wife's relative won it big 6 mil never heard from them again.


--- Quote ---one of my Wife's relative won it big 6 mil never heard from them again.
--- End quote ---

Wow, no kidding, a close relative?


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