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About a year ago, the " normal cycle" membrane button developed a crack, and I purchased a new membrane keyboard.   But wifey put some scotch tape on it, and said "let it be for now!".   Well, now some other buttons are cracked, etc.    And of course by delaying the repair, I am  now in a slight predicament due to chemotherapy treatments.  I could tackle a small job, but if the entire door has to be disassembled, I might not be able to get into that.    Wifey has been trying to maintain a "sterile" environment in the home due to my susceptability to infections, etc.  so she hates to have a serviceman into the house.  They hate it also, because she makes them put booties over shoes, and wash hands!
Anyway, I have the  parts breakdown illustration, but could not find a service manual.    Does anyone know if only the top two screws on each side, plus two screws near the latch...are sufficient to get the control section out?  Or does the entire inner door have to be removed ( looks like a lot of work!)?
As always, I very much appreciate the help.

By the way, I just noticed on repair clinic that the part which is now supplied is the complete insert assembly....whereas the part I purchased last year is just the membrane overlay.     Will this still be OK??

Actually just opened the box with my part, and it is the complete "body" of the control panel.  So my only question is how exactly to access it to unplug and plug back in the  ribbon connector??

Turn off the power to the unit.
Remove just the screws at the top and the control facia will come out.
Pretty much plug and play after that.

Thank you so much.  I feel like wifey and I can tackle that!   I will let you know how it turns out

OK... victory at sea, as they say.   BUT, for the benefit of others who may have to do this, you do have to remove ALL the screws on both sides of the inner door, so the front panel will fall away far enough to remove the latch assembly, and the control board, as you have to move both of those to the new panel.
Anyway, we got it done, and I hope it is back together correctly.  DW seems to be working normally.  Will keep an eye on it for a few days for door leaks!

As I have said many times before...I LOVE this forum.  Thanks very much.


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