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Jennair wall oven model W106W-C

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I am testing this Jennair wall oven model W106W-C,the solenoid does not energise when trying to do self clean.there are 4 wires coming out from the oven to be hooked up,the orange;the black:the red;and the white.Where should this orange wire connect to?I assume this must be hooked up to one of the hot wires.Please help me if anybody has a wiring diagram.    Shillion

The parts breakdown has a date of 1990. Sometimes the wiring diagram on these was glued to the body. No such luck on this one?

there's only 2 wire connections on the Solenoid ...
White and Grey

Thanks Bailey & Regus for the quick replies.This wall oven has 4 wires +the ground wire coming out from the body.The colours are Black,red,white,and the orange.I do not know where the orange should connect to.Likely to the black or red wire.WhenI tried to make it self-clean,the solenoid(has continuity in coil) is not getting the 120volt so I cannot slide the lock lever and lock the door.I would connect the orange to the black or red wire to see if it makes any difference.There is a plastic pouch inside the top wiring and relay area,but the diagram disappeared.I would need the wiring diagram to find out why the lock solenoid is not energised.Please help!     :embarassed:

this may be your wiring diagram


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