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Frigidaire PLEB27T8CCB, bake element in Top oven won't heat


Have a Frigidaire double wall oven.  Model PLEB27T8CCB.  Top oven, the bake element won't heat.   When I preheat, the broil element comes on fine.  It will preheat to temp (although the bake element won't come on), and it clicks like it's continuing to bake, but the temp don't hold, as the bake element won't work.  Took it out, and tested for continuity, checked out fine.  Have read could be some type of relay board, or clock board??  Not sure where to go from here... appreciate any suggestions....


All Brand:
Upper oven  Relay board check for power out to bake element .No power out bad board

Thank you, will check!


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